Elizabeth began to sing - as the line goes- long before she could talk!  She grew up in the Western Classical tradition singing in regular choirs of different sizes - from chamber choirs of 12 to philharmonic jobs -  and went so far as to take a degree that included music.


Some years ago she founded an organisation, huathe that seeks to connect people to nature through Forest School and other nature connection activities and found herself increasingly using singing as part of that reconnection process.


This led to some exploration of natural voice singing across the world and of the links between singing and holistic health and well-being. It also links to her connection with the Art of Mentoring nature awareness movement and she began to lead singing at camps and gatherings; and deliver workshops in natural voice work.  For Elizabeth, the outdoors has an important role to play in singing: she enjoys the sound of voices in nature and the added connection the fire brings.


She started the Colchester FireChoir! in 2015.  In the last couple of years she also led natural voice singing workshops at the Harlequin Festival in Norfolk and at a range of workshops in woods and fields across the land.  She has led singing for 200 winter revellers at Danbury Park and recently raised voices at the national Forest School Association conference in Norfolk.

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