What do you call it when the weather does exactly what you need?

The wind was so strong last week that it blew our shed over at the allotment (our shed is a tall, narrow affair with not much in it, so no surprise there). I sat on it as the air tried to push me off and the clouds moved so fast it looked as though the stars were moving. I wondered if this month’s FireChoir would happen. When Thursday dawned, the wind had dropped a bit; fat, heavy raindrops blew diagonally out of the sky all morning and half way through the afternoon. I checked the forecast; answered queries from potential singers: ‘Would we be going ahead in this weather?’ ‘It will have stopped raining by the evening’, was my reassurance. As I packed the car it had indeed stopped raining and the street lights lit the road from below as they shone in the puddles!

As I reached the dark fire site the air was still and quiet. I lit the lanterns without having to shield the matches from the wind and the candles in their jars burned bright from the trees. We gathered in the car park and tracked the lanterns into the dell. The air was dry and still! The smoke from the fire rose straight up to the sky and our voices followed.

We sang for the dying year as this year’s leaves lay on the ground.

We sang for the dark nights of winter and watched with joy as the fire of the sun escaped from the logs.

We sang for peace.

We sang for our friends.

We sang for our gathered community.

We sang to hear the beauty of our combined voices.

At times the sky was clear enough to catch glimpses of a gibbous moon.

The next dawned with renewed wind and rain which once again threatened the shed.

We experienced that feeling known as weather-smugness!!


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